An esports team that played the RTS/FPS hybrid game “Natural Selection 2″. After almost a full year of unrivaled dominance in NS2 competitive play, we decided to call it quits. Some of our players continue playing the game for other teams, while others have moved on.


Website by Fana (html/css and content) and Koruyo (logo).


For further information or other inquiries, please contact Scrajm. We are also available on IRC in #archaea on irc.quakenet.org.




Archaea 2013

Archaea 2013: Scrajm, TreffNiX, Fana, Tane, ray, Koruyo, Skuggan, eagleye (from left to right).






The origins of Archaea can be traced back to an early NS2 beta team called “pub.eu”. Pub.eu was founded by Koruyo, recruiting pretty much anyone who wanted to play. He was joined by Zeikko, who took the position as co-leader of the team. Eventually, the two decided it was time to step it up a notch, and sometime around December 2011, using pub.eu as a base, they created a new team called Archaea.


The first half of 2012 was a hectic time for the nascent team, struggling through repeated roster changes. Without any tournaments to practice for, and a game that was too early in its development to facilitate competitive play, there was no real motivation to improve either.


During the summer of 2012, Scrajm took over leadership of Archaea. Sensing that the competition was about to take off, he radically reorganized the team one final time by recruiting a combination of experienced players and new talent. Focused around a stable roster of 8-9 players, the team started rapidly improving. Although Archaea was known as a decent team at the time, the NS2 community was unaware of the storm about to hit them over the coming months.


Archaea unleashed its full potential during the second half of 2012. After controversially losing in the final of the first ENSL NS2 Beta Night Cup, Archaea won all the other tournaments organized in 2012, including a LAN final at the ESL studio in Cologne. Since then, Archaea has been the dominant force in competitive NS2 worldwide.


Moving into 2013, we have no intentions of slowing down. We started the year by winning the first ENSL NS2 season, and became the first team to go through an entire season (16 seasons total as of this writing) without losing a single round. We hope to continue our journey with further triumphs and ggs.




Archaea 2012

Archaea 2012: eagleye, Koruyo, Zeikko, Skuggan, Fana, Tane, Scrajm and TreffNiX (from left to right).