An Archaea summer

Posted by Fana on 6 June, 2013.

A few weeks have passed since our last tournament match, and I’m sorry to have to announce that it will be a while until the next one. As I’m sure many of you have heard already, eagleye, ray and Tane have decided to leave us to play with their respective national brethren in [unnamed-french-team] and Saunamen. I’m disappointed that I won’t be playing with them in the future, but we’ve had a great run over the past year and I wish them all the best of luck in the future.


This has, however, left Archaea in a tough spot. With only five players left on the roster, and few appetizing recruitment alternatives, we’re not in any shape to compete at the moment. Couple that with a bit of weariness with the game, a dab of wanting to spend time on other things, and big chunk of funtimez out in the sun, we’ve decided to take a summer hiatus. That means we won’t be practicing or participating in any competitions this summer; at least not as Archaea.



Tropical island, clear blue water and open skies. Could this be any more stereotypical?

Summer hellz yeah! I totally didn’t not steal this picture from google images.



So, find yourselves a sweet beach, stick up a parasol, lie down and enjoy the summer. Or don’t. Does it look like I care? Maybe we’ll be back with a boom when the cold autumn nights come creeping (or maybe we won’t!).

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